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5 Common CBD Gummie Questions Answered

Your Holiday-Hemp CBD Gift Guide

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The popular demand for our CBD Gummie sweets makes them a fantastic gift choice for your loved ones. Whether you’re stocking up for the holidays or snagging your daily CBD supplements at a discounted price, our delicious CBD Gummie sweets are a must-have. For those of you who are still curious to learn about the CBD phenomenon, we’ve made this excellent cannabidiol gummie guide.

How are CBD Gummies made?

CBD gummies are coated with the all-natural organic cannabidiol compound. This cannabinoid compound is extracted from the finest hemp containing under 0.2% THC. CBD Guru hemp is grown from organic seeds with superior genetics. These seeds are cultivated by sustainable hemp farmers in Colorado. Their sustainable practices lead to minimal waste and water-run off.

The freshly harvested hemp material is prepped and sent out for processing. Our top-shelf CBD is procured using a state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 extraction. In this method, CO2 is cooled and pressurised to create a fluid-like substance with unique traits. This supercritical fluid passes through the hemp material, causing precious cannabinoids to seep out into the CO2. When standard pressure and room temperatures are returned, the CO2 evaporates, leaving behind a 100% pure and safe cannabidiol extraction.

This CBD is then added to our delicious gummie sweets. These CBD sweets are made with incredible craftsmanship. These treats will melt in your mouth and are guaranteed to brighten your day. The gummies are formulated and coated with CBD cGMP-certified facilities that up-hold pharmaceutical grade standards.

Do CBD Gummies Have THC?

Authentic CBD Gummies will never contain THC. The hemp used to make proper products features inactive levels of THC. Once the products are finalised, they are lab tested by third-party facilities. This ensures purity, potency, and 0% THC content. These Gummies do not require a prescription to purchase, will never create a buzz, and can not cause you to fail a drug test.

For more details about our third-party lab test results, click here

Are CBD Gummies As Good As CBD Oil?

Absolutely! They both provide bioavailable administration methods that anyone can enjoy. When eating CBD gummies, the cannabidiol eventually reaches the digestive tract, where the intestinal walls partially absorb it. This partial absorption is anticipated, and even low mg doses will still do the trick. 

CBD Oils can be taken orally by swallowing the product or by adding it to other foods. These oils can also be applied “sublingually.” This under-tongue application gives the cannabidiol a chance to absorbed by the mucous membrane of the mouth before swallowing. The carrier oil holding the CBD may also allow a slightly more significant amount of cannabidiol to pass through the intestinal membrane. This is due to the fat-affinity of the cells in the intestinal wall. This affinity allows the oils to assist CBD in crossing the membrane and entering into the bloodstream.

Ultimately, both methods work wonders. The required dosages are nearly identical, and both ways are convenient. The CBD gummies just happen to deliver a little extra sweetness along with your daily hemp nutrition.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

This is an important question as it can influence the strength of the gummies you select in your first purchase. If you are new to CBD, regardless of your reasons for indulging, we always recommend starting with a small dose. The 10mg gummies are a great starting dose, and you can easily double up with your second dose if you choose. If you want to invest in the 20mg doses, you can easily tear them in half if you are conserving or double up if you’ve got some sweet cravings to settle. By building up your dose slowly, you’ll find your minimum effective mg amount.

Are Hemp Gummies The Same As CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies and Hemp Gummies are not the same things. However, there is a bit of crossover in the language used to describe them. CBD products can be described, but not marketed, as hemp items since they are derived from this beautiful plant. Certain distributors may also speak incorrectly and say that their CBD gummies are hemp gummies. The takeaway is that if the gummies are labelled as including “hemp extract,” then you should proceed with caution before purchasing.

So what are hemp gummies? They are gummies feature hemp extracts that do not contain cannabidiol. Most hemp products use hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil does contain active levels of CBD. Instead, CBD is found in other hemp material, primarily the flowers/buds of the plant. Always reference third-party lab test results to determine if there are active cannabinoids in the gummies and select distributors who clearly identify their items as CBD products. 

For more details on the differences between hemp/CBD, and a few tricks on how to identify illegitimate products from other distributors, click here.

Holiday Specials At CBD Guru

Gear up for the holidays, and have these delicious, nutritious holiday treats delivered straight to your door. These gummies make perfect stocking fillers, healthy alternatives for holiday snacks, and an incredible way to care for the well-being of your friends and family. Cosy up with some quality hemp nutrition, and enjoy the best quality CBD on the market. 
At CBD Guru, we provide the best cannabidiol products around. Our premier initiative utilises high-quality hemp, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing practices, and third-party lab testing in the creation of these CBD gummies. CBD Guru is backed by hundreds of customer testimonials and over one hundred satisfied business affiliates. Browse our products, enjoy our CBD Articles, and reach out to a customer service rep if you have any questions.

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