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A New Wave of CBD Vape Juice

CBD Guru’s Latest Additions

CBD Guru is proud to announce its latest addition: 100% pure, natural CBD Vape oil from Health Health CBD.

These flavoured CBD e-liquids contain only ingredients with a long track record of safe use. The CBD e-liquid effects will act quickly and will immediately enhance your holistic routine. CBD e-liquid addictive potential is absolutely zero, so you can enjoy ripping into these clouds as often as you please.

CBD e-liquids with terpenes can offer incredible flavours. Herbal Health’s potent CBD blends produce incredible natural tastes, without the addition of unwanted ingredients.

5 Incredible New Flavors!

This new line of vape oils comes in the following delicious vibes:

  • Citrus
  • Grape Juice
  • Blue Ice
  • Mint
  • Strawberry

Each of these flavours will wash over you like a decadent tide, as the natural CBD isolate immediately enters the bloodstream. Boosting the endocannabinoid system can put you into the zone, either for chilling out or getting into that workflow, making these tasty e-liquids the perfect compliment to any activity.

So, What’s in the Bottle?

99.99% concentrated crystalline CBD suspended in a rich mixture of carrier oils, which produces the ideal cloud plumage, and vapor consistencies. Oh, and the flavours? They’re simply out of this world.

All include 30ml of oil in each order, packaged in a Chubby Gorilla bottle. These 30ml orders will include your choice of the following concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg of premium CBD. The volume of e-liquid you receive stays the same with each concentration, so as a result, the potency of each drip, hit, and inhale will increase as the total mg amount of your product rises.

The remaining ingredients are natural additives meant to delight the senses. These flavouring compounds create complex fruity, cooling, sweet, and creamy vibes that you won’t forget anytime soon. All of this is delivered in a non-addictive, nicotine-free format that is sure to ease the tensions of daily life.

What Carrier Oils Are Used in These Products?

The naturally derived carrier oils in this product line are Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. This combination is the industry standard for vape liquids and produces a subtly sweet taste that is augmented depending on the ratio used in the blend.

These two carrier oils are used worldwide and have been utilised without mishap during the entire duration of their application. Only when other ingredients, such as Vitamin E acetate, get added to the mix, do flavoured vape products begin to create negative headlines.

The VG/PG ratio of these products varies depending on the strength of the order. Every blend utilises a different mixture to deliver the included compounds to your taste buds, and lungs. As the CBD concentrations change, the perfect amount of VG/PG will need to be discovered to create the ideal experience.

Luckily, our formulating experts have created generations of vape oils and know how to calibrate our signature blends perfectly. Here are the results:

Our 300mg blend contains a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Our 600mg mixture utilises a 70/30 VG/PG composition, and finally, our 1000mg e-liquid leverages an 80/20 ratio mix to deliver potent and satisfying hits.

Why Should I Vape CBD?

Traditional hemp use often involved inhalation, and vapable CBD products are being researched thoroughly for their ability to promote overall health and wellbeing.

The downsides reported with vaping come from tainted products, not from pure compositions with natural, cannabinoid ingredients. In fact, a large proportion of the vape products that have been recalled in the past were nicotine-containing brands, not THC or CBD containing products.

When drawing on these pure CBD blends, the flavours will amaze, and the enticingly clean and clear vapour quality will reflect the incredible results of our third-party lab testing. These lab tests reveal zero intoxicating THC, zero residual solvents, and zero unwanted synthetic ingredients.

The number one reason to enjoy vaping CBD is that each delivery method interacts with the nervous system and peripheral body in a unique way. By only using one administration technique, the body misses out on a broader spectrum of positive attributes. You can easily mix and match these delivery methods without exceeding the recommended 70mg total of CBD per day.

Vaping produces a rapid onset, with a duration of 2-4 hours. Sublingual and oral application of CBD creates an approximate seventy-five-minute onset. With a slightly shorter time frame for sublingual use. These methods also last longer, balancing out the quick impact of inhaled cannabinoids.

Shattering the Vaping Stigma

Inhaling aerosols (think small pockets of air) containing CBD allows for these elements to gently permeate the cell membrane of the lungs. This creates a quick entry to the bloodstream, where CBD will circulate seeking out important cellular and enzymatic targets. Digesting CBD via sublingual or oral use also causes CBD to cross the mouth’s mucous membrane or the walls of the intestinal tract.

These applications treat the body in similar ways, and vaping with pure products should be recognised for its brilliant potential. Keep in mind that even asthmatic patients can be prescribed aerosolised treatments. This administration method is certainly legitimate enough to have caught the attention of research facilities here in the UK, so don’t miss out on this new and exciting wellness opportunity.

Detach from the rhetoric surrounding vape products. Top tier products can do wonders for wellness and holistic care. Moderation, of course, is key, which is one of the reasons we recommend mixing and matching CBD applications. However, we also recommend taking a day off from CBD as often as once a week, although taking less frequent breaks is perfectly fine.

Letting the body rest, even from enjoying positive organic compounds, is a crucial technique used in herbalist traditions. Always apply moderation and excellent self-care when creating your ideal routine. This will allow these plant-based products to act with optimal efficiency.

Superior Craftsmanship ~ Delectable Flavours

Our manufacturing procedures genuinely stand above the competition. We rely on top-shelf Colorado-grown CBD hemp flowers for all of our extracts. These extracts are carried out in ISO clean rooms, and all products are handled in cGMP quality facilities until they are ready for shipment. All of our items are perfectly balanced for efficiency. Our third party lab test results display crucial data, confirming the non-psychoactive, and natural contents of our products. Order your CBD vape juice today. The cleanliness of each draw will delight the lungs, bringing a sense of levity to the entire body by delivering the first-class cannabidiol that our customers love.

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