Adact Medical: CBD Lab Testing

We are now offering CBD lab testing at an exclusively low price with our friends at Adact Medical! Just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to discuss the details of the opportunity.

Through our partnership, we hope to encourage the proper testing of cannabidiol (CBD) products. Quality standards are everything in this up and coming market. Purity and potency are currently the game-changing factors that allow CBD distributors to maintain legitimacy and establish success. We are very open about our product test results and believe that other distributors should be as well.

By working with Adact Medical, we will be promoting ethical quality standards for the CBD industry, while offering this testing service at a bargain price. We hope that the high standards for CBD Guru’s cannabidiol products will be applied to the entire industry, so we are extending an opportunity for distributors to verify their products with Adact Medical’s premier CBD testing equipment.

Transparency: A Requirement For CBD Distribution

Transparency allows a trust to be established between CBD businesses and their clients. By providing the highest quality third-party lab test results, a company can show their customers the exact contents of their items. Without the testing being done at cannabis research labs, the CBD market becomes a free-for-all. Any products can be infused with extra additives, and it would be impossible to determine if a product is broad-spectrum or CBD isolate without these test results. If you don’t have lab tests to reveal your final formulation, there is no way clients can determine if it is safe to do business with you.

Hemp testing labs are paramount for the cannabinoid market. These all natural products need to be tested for pesticides, THC content, terpene profiles, CBD, broad-spectrum cannabinoids, and more! For CBD isolate products, the only active ingredient we are looking for is CBD. At the same time, lab testing CBD isolate products allows us to rule out the presence of unwanted contaminants. Broad-spectrum product testing will reveal CBD levels, the full cannabinoid profile, terpenes while also verifying that the unwanted elements are not present.

Never Purchase Or Sell Cannabinoid Products Without Lab Verification

Commit to high standards and transparency, both as a consumer and a producer. We talk extensively in our educational literature about the importance of lab-testing. Random testing conducted on CBD oil products available in stores has revealed questionable contaminants. These contaminants include melatonin, cough suppressants, and synthetic cannabinoids. Random testing has also shown that many amateur products contained both larger and smaller amounts of CBD than what was listed on the labels.

Customers simply can’t risk buying products that are not lab tested! This means that honest companies must provide lab test results to create an ethical market place. Due to our close relationship with Adact Medical, we can offer businesses an exclusive rate for CBD testing.

This exclusive rate will allow you to be seen as professional with a legitimate product. Without lab testing, you will be left behind in this ever changing market. Cannabinoid education is spreading quickly as a the cannabis-friendly attitude continues to sweep the world. Don’t miss out on the lucrative opportunities that this market can provide. Get your products tested as soon as possible!

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We know your company has worked hard to get where it is. Selecting the right hemp cultivation tactics, cannabinoid extraction methods, and effective marketing plans are never easy. Implementing these details can be just as challenging. When it comes to product testing, we want to make the process easy. We will reach out promptly after receiving your information to discuss the details of your request and the quickest possible time frame in which we can have your products processed by Adact Medical.

“Adact Medical are proud to have an association with CBD Guru, a company that we know is committed to the same high ethical standards as us. “

“By testing every batch of raw materials they buy and the batches they produce, CBD Guru ensure their customers get the best quality they deserve, by engaging with Adact you too can be sure of offering quality to your customers. “

Damian Bovey
Chief regulatory officer

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