Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil

Broad Spectrum Cannabinoid Oil

The cannabinoid system benefits from taking in a wide variety of hemp compounds. This intricate network delivers a wide range of relevant compounds to important physiological sites. The process of ingesting multiple plant nutrients in a hemp-based product triggers the “entourage effect.” With broad spectrum cannabinoid oil products, the many hemp nutrients interact and synergistically increase the potency of the product, while making dosing more effective.

We can talk about CBG vs. CBD products or hone in on the CBG oil benefits, but we still need to define a “cannabinoid” compound.

Cannabinoids are any elements that relate to human and animal endocannabinoid networks. These systems were discovered when the plant-based cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, and THC were being studied. Now, it is known that all the CBG benefits or CBD activities are mostly a result of their interaction with the human endocannabinoid system.

Lab-Tested Cannabinoid Products

Our cannabidiol extracts are tested for potency, and purity before their application in our products. We submit the results to our website every time we receive a new batch. Here is the latest report.

Cannabinoids Included:






All of our hemp flowers are grown with CBD maximisation in mind and maintain compliance with 0.2% THC level regulations. There is always a unique bioactive spectrum of phytocannabinoids that make up the weight where THC and CBD are not filling in. These novel compounds each have biological effects that synergise with the entire spectrum of plant compounds.

We talk enough about CBD. Honestly. So let’s dive right in and look at the neglected, CBD-A.


Cannabidiolic acid is a potent COX-2 inhibitor. This inhibition can have powerful anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, pain-relieving, and musculoskeletal restoring benefits. This compound also showed potential in an additional reduction of pain signaling.


The CBG cannabinoid is a useful ally for any plant medicinal regimen to lean on. It has marked activity that creates anti-inflammation, pain reduction and sleep stabilising patterns. Cannabigerol does not impact the mind as profoundly as compounds that elevate AEA levels. However, it has a variety of useful clinical applications.


CBN or Cannabinol has a powerful impact on the endocannabinoid system. It influences both CB1 and CB2 receptors, and has a powerful affinity for TRPV receptors, much like CBD. These receptor modifications give this cannabinoid a stake in a variety of processes from neuroprotection, to inflammation management and immune function regulation.


Cannabichromene comes to us at the end of our shortlist. However, there are at least 120 cannabinoids that have been discovered in cannabis. Many of them are circulating in our cannabis plants and create an impact on the broad-spectrum formulation. Only THC and a rare derivative could ever produce an “intoxicating” effect.

This cannabinoid works with anti-inflammatory pathways, and CBC helps stem cells to thrive while guiding their differentiation.

Counting Cannabinoids

These cannabinoid products can go a long way towards effective treatment. Particularly if the original plants are cared for from seed to cultivation. We track our seeds from the start and utilise GMP standards in Colorado State Regulated Facilities for cannabinoid product production. Our items are prepared under the guidance of our on-staff pharmacist.

CBD Guru products are formulated scientifically and are available in every imaginable administrative method. We have oils, terpene infusions, edibles, teas, safe e-liquids, and more. No matter how you enjoy your CBD regimen, you have our support with quality contaminant-free products. 

The broad-spectrum nature of many of our products speaks to the natural formulation used in our items. We provide whole plant solutions with the hemp nutrients you crave. Treating the endocannabinoid system with fresh CBD oil and CBG products is a great way to unlock health and wellness in the body. The natural array of compounds included in hemp extractions will combine to produce the best possible therapeutic effect. 

A Rich Understanding Of Cannabinoid Nutrients

Cannabinoid plants contain a host of plant allies to help our human system. We seem to have evolved with specific relations to plants, who now modulate aspects of our health. As for cannabis, we find that terpenes, cannabinoids, phenols, esters, and even flavonoids can impact the subjective experience of a buzz or a non-psychoactive treatment.

When you realise that many of the terpenes are the aromatic compounds used in essential oil compounds, you see how each terpene represents a small swirl of therapeutic strength carried by a hemp formula. Some of these terpenes appear heavily enough to give the flower a floral or piney smell, while other blends take on tones of citrus and maybe a touch of skunk.

Without a doubt, the chemical and aromatic composition of these herbs influences the way they impact your system, whether your subjective experience reveals this to you or not. Think about how every bite of food contains macro/micronutrients, structuring elements, and genetic plant/animal material. Each component influences the mind/body differently. So it is with each plant nutrient received when taking a broad-spectrum CBD product. All of these ingredients synergise to care for your system holistically.

When taking a hit of cannabis light, a taste of CBD oil, or a draw from a CBD e-liquid, you are receiving a wave of hemp nutrients that create a gentle cascade of hemp activity. This nurturing impact allows for a flurry of cannabinoids, along with the copious hemp compounds mentioned above, to reach vital physiological targets that attune with our system to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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