CBD For Anxiety

Can CBD Help Anxiety?

If you were to believe the millions of global customer testimonials and the high volume of peer-reviewed research discussing CBD’s impact on anxiety, you might just become a believer. However, as our readers dive through our educational content, we encourage them not to jump ahead and take these the cannabidiol claims for face value. Instead, we will use this article to look objectively at the relationship between CBD and anxiety.

To date, CBD has yet to be classified as a food, medicinal supplement, or cosmetic product. This means that the relevant governmental bodies have been almost entirely silent regarding the activity of cannabidiol. As such, distributors like ourselves can not make direct statements about the impacts of CBD. Cannabidiol’s lack of definitive classification also leads to certain regulatory issues that you can read about here.

CBD For Anxiety Studies

Instead of claiming that CBD can address anxiety, we will look at the current scientific efforts that are investigating the matter. You may be surprised to know that this organic plant compound has been researched for its ability to influence depression, anxiety, and psychosis since the 1980s. There is a stockpile of cannabidiol research that has been developed over the years, indicating that this hemp nutrient could influence a variety of troublesome symptoms.

Back in the 80s, scientists who were working with the cannabis plant compounds noticed a unique dynamic between the behavior of THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of medicinal cannabis, and research indicates that low doses may reduce anxiety, while higher doses may increase anxiety. Studies discovered that CBD seems to attenuate the anxiogenic effects of THC, reducing symptoms of anxiety.

CBD is not a direct opponent to THC, as research indicates that cannabidiol could potentiate the neuro-endocrine activities of the THC nutrient. However, CBD likely antagonizes the anxiety promoting aspect of larger THC doses. These findings led these cannabis pioneers to investigate the effects of CBD isolate on anxiety in rodents.

CBD For Anxiety Animal Studies

One study utilized CBD isolate at 10mg levels in an attempt to reduce anxiety symptoms in rats. These results indicated that this dose was a success. However, more substantial treatments of 100mg were ineffective. This reaction is indicative of CBD’s reverse U-shaped dose-response curve. Cannabidiol’s response curve describes how this compound is not effective in minimal or excessive doses when administered as an isolate. Instead, there is a dose range between these extremes, which will act effectively.

With further animal research, the effects of CBD were studied in individual portions of the brain. Cannabidiol creates anxiolytic symptoms in the prefrontal cortex (mPFC), dorsal periaqueductal gray (dPAG), and the bed nucleus of the stria terminallis (BNST). While the activity in the BNST and dPAG indicated standard anxiolytic effects, the mPFC activity specifically showed a reduction in conditioned anxiety responses.

Animal studies have also shown that cannabidiol is an agonist to 5HT-1a serotonin receptors. Agonism, or excitation, of the 5HT-1a serotonin receptors, is connected to anxiety relief, clarity of mind, anti-depression, and mood balance.

Human Trials – Can CBD Oil Help Anxiety?

These animal studies opened up the doorway to begin human trials with CBD. Moving research from the animal testing phase to human trails can take some time. As such, peer-reviewed research that detailed CBD’s impact on human anxiety did not surface until 1993.

During this initial study, anxiety was induced via a simulated public speaking event, where participants were given a placebo, one of two benzodiazepines (conventional pharma treatments for anxiety), or 300mg of cannabidiol. CBD stood as a strong contender next to the benzos, with all three appearing to display noteworthy anti-anxiety impacts.

Continued efforts would reveal that CBD may influence the activity of the human amygdala and the anterior cingulate. This activity was identified via the use of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Additionally, the regions of the brain that were modulated in human CBD anxiety studies reflected the results of benzodiazepine therapy.

Later research would discover that CBD also activates the human 5HT-1a receptors. This agonism shows that cannabidiol may attenuate aspects of human health beyond the reach of the endocannabinoid system. With these robust mechanisms supporting the activity of cannabidiol, it is easy to see how it can have a widespread impact on happiness and wellness.

A Powerful Alternative Treatment

We believe that CBD has many vital applications. That’s why we are here formulating and providing this essential hemp nutrient for the UK population. We sell products to thousands of satisfied customers and have partnered with over 100 UK brands who now stock CBD Guru wholesale and white-label products.

The regulatory agencies of the UK have not yet given the clear for any claims to be made about the benefits of cannabidiol. These governing bodies, along with other governmental agencies of other countries, have claimed that there isn’t enough research to back up the benefits of CBD oil. In this article, we have provided the results of nearly forty years of combined animal and human research into the anxiolytic potential of cannabidiol. We believe that you, the consumer, can take in this information, and perhaps spread the knowledge of these studies to friends, families, and even to the appropriate regulatory agencies in the proper circumstance.
If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to launch your CBD regimen. Cannabidiol comes in many product styles, dosages, and formulations. The entire world of holistic health is available to you when taking uniquely potent products such as broad-spectrum and CBD isolates. We promise that you won’t be disappointed with your results. Order your CBD guru products today.

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