Can Consumers Trust THC Free CBD Oils?

A New Study Reveals The Truth.

CBD’s popularity is still booming in the UK, Britain, and across all of Europe. With this newfound demand for a reliable THC free CBD oil, comes a slew of new vendors claiming to offer the best CBD that nature can provide.

But, as a customer, it is essential to slow down and ask, ” Are all of these products as clean as they claim to be?” After all, these items are being taken into the body, and the ingestion of unwanted THC could compromise job security, participation in higher education, sobriety, and more.

CBD Oil THC Free Products

Now, there is still no official statement made about specific brands that have received the FSA CBD Oil stamp of approval. At this time, the UK CBD market, and the European market as a whole, are still widely unregulated, as we wait for further information and instructions from the Food Standards Agency about how to manage CBD as a novel ingredient. 

Still, the WHO (World Health Organization) has stated that CBD should be freely distributed across the world, provided that it contains under 0.2% THC by dry weight. This is a very achievable standard, even for full-spectrum products that have not been refined to remove the THC after the initial extraction.

To craft CBD oils that are free from THC, distributors need to track down hemp varieties with ideal genetics, or they need to execute additional purification, which ensures the removal of THC. At CBD Guru, we implement both of these procedures, yielding the highest quality Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD isolate available to date. 

Our CBD production follows a “seed-to-sale” manufacturing process, where we work tirelessly to analyze seed genetics, work with our farmers, and execute the best extraction and purification processes. These cGMP equivalent practices yield items that are safe, non-psychoactive, and contain no unwanted ingredients (including THC!).

Please don’t take our word for it. Instead, take a peek at our third-party lab testing, which displays the contents of each batch of our luxury CBD oils. What you see on the label is precisely what you will find in the bottle. 

THC Found in CBD Oils: The Facts

A recent 2019 study decided to examine the contents of a variety of CBD products available in Germany. The products in question can all be found on store shelves and can be sold to any consumer. 

Out of the 67 products which are available commercially in Germany, 25% had THC levels, which exceeded the recommendations of the World Health Organization!

The worst part? Every one of these products was advertised as being 100% THC-free. 

After analyzing these results, the authors stated that unverified claims made by CBD distributors simply “have to be treated as fraudulent or deceptive.”

What’s So Bad About THC?

We are not here to say that THC, taken alone or in combination with other cannabinoids, is ill-advised. In reality, medical THC-containing cannabis has finally been legalized here in the UK. However, the problem lies in the fact that THC is still a regulated compound. Due to this regulation, you cannot purchase, own, or consume THC if you do not have a medical prescription.

Additionally, if you happen to be sensitive to THC, these products could cause intoxication. For individuals who need to participate in urine analysis, these items could cause false positives leading to career loss, expulsion from institutions, and more. Simply put, say no to any CBD product, unless you can lay eyes on their genuine lab analyses.

THC Side Effects

Over the last century, there has been a lot of propaganda around THC and cannabis consumption. By describing the following side effects, we do not wish to perpetuate these unnecessary perceptions, but we do want to defend the integrity of all pure CBD products.

Cannabis has a long history of use in human civilizations. These uses range from creative inspiration, to relaxation, and even various wellness applications. However, there are also a few common side effects that can occur with excessive consumption, or for sensitive individuals.

Last year (in 2019), we posted an article about the potential CBD side effects. Many of these side effects have not been proven to be associated with CBD consumption, and it is challenging to identify the purity of the cannabidiol used when anecdotal reports are made. The reported side effects include mild dizziness, sedation, and dry mouth.

However, it is well known that THC consumption can lead to all three of these impacts. Unless an individual is operating heavy machinery, the dizziness and sedation are not likely to cause injury. While dry-mouth is often uncomfortable at best, it is also improbable that it will cause further complications. Ultimately, the high frequency of THC inclusion in CBD products led researchers to state that these side effects “can be explained most probably by the presence of native THC as a contaminant in the products rather than by direct action of CBD or its chemical transformation.”

Native THC describes natural THC, which can be found within the original plant material used for manufacturing. By using this terminology, the authors of the study are indicating that the THC was not added for any intended physiological impact or malicious intent. Many of these distributors likely have their intentions in the right place. Still, they either do not have the means or are not willing to expend the resources to seek out proper hemp strains or to follow up with effective lab-testing and product manufacturing.

Final Thoughts

The CBD market is currently a winding maze of unregulated distribution and question marks. Let CBD Guru be your guide through this unregulated territory, assisting you in the purchase of all-natural, potent, cannabidiol products. We can help you avoid the harm from false drug test results, unexpected intoxication, and illegal purchases.

Take a look at our lab tests, reach out to our experts, and check out our customer reviews to determine if these products are right for you.

We are currently looking to help the cannabidiol market expand with transparency, rigorous purity standards, and compassion. When it comes to the consumption of any product, the end consumer DESERVES the right to know what’s in the bottle. 

Don’t miss out. Select your favorite products, fill up your cart, and enjoy CBD precisely as nature intended.

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