CBD Ice Cream

CBD Ice Cream : The Perfect Summer Time Treat

“CBD Ice cream”… You read that right. Finally, our two favorite things have come together.

CBD and ice cream.

And the best part… CBD Guru will soon be bringing this incredible frozen treat to the UK!

Our team is hard at work finishing up the perfect recipes for our delicious line of CBD oil ice cream treats. It seems, however, that we aren’t the only ones dreaming of this healthy and decadent snack.

Ben & Jerry’s CBD Icecream

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream just announced they will be releasing a line of CBD infused ice cream, once the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA) gives the full clear for cannabidiol sales. Hopefully, we’ll soon be seeing the classic Half Baked ice cream flavor infused with CBD.

These ice cream giants know their fans and let’s be real, how many people really buy Half Baked ice cream when they aren’t in the throngs of the munchies? And on that note, has anyone actually finished the movie Half Baked without a little cannabinoid therapy? Anyway, we believe that ice cream fans everywhere should be in support of both the recreational use of cannabis and the medicinal availability of cannabinoid products like CBD. Cannabis and ice cream is a wonderful combination after all, and a few scoops of ice cream supercharged with CBD is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Right now, in the United States, the FDA is in the process of reviewing the regulation of products containing cannabis and cannabinoid compounds. Ben & Jerry’s are encouraging their fans to reach out to the FDA in favor of cannabis products during this time. If any of our readers happen to be stateside, you have until July 2nd to message them here.

It is also worth noting that Health Canada is currently discussing the regulation of cannabis-infused products and foods. They will decide the details of this new and exciting edible market by October of this year. We are hoping that these cannabinoid products receive full legal support, as big wins for cannabis legalization in these countries will lead to a friendly outlook on CBD and other cannabinoid items here in the UK. Plus, if cannabis is entirely legal, Ben & Jerry’s could finally add the magic to their Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies.

Buying CBD infused Ice Cream

We know by now, you’re asking, “where can I buy CBD infused ice cream by me?”

Relax, we’ve got you covered. We hope to have our line of delicious CBD indused ice cream flavors launched during the heat of the summer. Our CBD infused ice cream will, of course, be cleared by independent lab testing, and will include the same cannabidiol that our customers know and love.

CBD Is Still Trending

It’s 2019, and here we are, still at the top of the medicinal game. CBD products are all the rage, and creative CBD foods are beginning to pop up everywhere. Fast food restaurants feature CBD burgers, Pepsi has low-key started to market a CBD water, and companies like Corona and Coke are getting a feel for the cannabis market.

B & J’s are well aware of the situation. Vermont is a pro-cannabis state that allows for recreational use, and this homegrown ice cream company is no different. They know that their clients are health conscious, and always seek to provide high-quality products, with the best ingredients, all adjusted to meet their customers’ needs. So, CBD was a natural choice.

CBD is trending because of its success. There are endless testimonials about the power of this organic compound. Scientific research continues to unveil new health benefits associated with cannabinoid therapy, and in many instances, we are beginning to understand precisely how the cannabis plant is interacting with the body.

While the world continues to vote in favor of cannabinoid therapy, our flavor engineers will be hard at work designing our irresistible CBD infused icecream. Like Ben & Jerry’s, we are continually aspiring to use the best ingredients, using sustainable pesticide-free hemp for our CBD, and always testing our products via independent labs.
In case this article got you a little hungry, and you can’t wait for our new products to launch, perhaps a few drops of our top-shelf CBD oil on your favorite ice cream may help tide you over. We wish you the best for the summer. Stay cool, enjoy the sun, and don’t forget to relax and recharge with CBD Guru products.

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