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CBG Supplements: The Revolutionary New Cannabinoid

Move over CBD. You’ve got competition; CBG Supplements

If you’re reading our blog, at this point you know that we love CBD. We also know that our customers thrive on CBD supplements as well! Our valued clients show us endless support by choosing us as their premier CBD supplier, and by continually leaving rave reviews about our products.

This love for cannabidiol, however, will not stop us from delivering the latest news on cannabinoid science and products. So without further delay, let’s discuss the newest trend in the cannabinoid scene: CBG.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. Most cannabis strains do not contain more than 1% CBG. However, selective cultivation has led to unique CBG strains with elevated levels of cannabigerol, such as Bleu Berries and Magic Jordan. Luckily, the infrequent presence of CBG hasn’t stopped scientists, business professionals, and consumers from catching on to its stellar health benefits.

CBG, like cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive all-natural supplement that is taking over the wellness industry. Although it has many similarities to CBD, such as its safety profile and several shared benefits, CBG makes a unique contribution to health and wellness.

The Naturally Occurring CBG Cannabinoid

CBG is one of the most crucial compounds within the hemp and cannabis plants. The acidic form of CBG, known as CBGA, eventually forms the precursors to CBD and THC. CBGA converts to both CBDA and THCA. Through time and heat exposure, these acidic compounds take on the form of the CBD and THC that many of our readers are familiar with. The CBGA that does not travel down these pathways will eventually transform into the essential nutrient CBG.

CBD and THC have gained a lot of attention. THC is a therapeutic compound that also creates a bit of a buzz. No CBD product that contains over 0.3% THC is legally available for sale. THC containing cannabis medicine has entered the UK in the last year, but it is only available via prescription. We test all of our cannabinoid products, from CBD to CBG, using independent laboratories to ensure that they meet the necessary legal requirements.

Cannabinoids and Human Health

All three of these natural cannabinoid compounds interact harmoniously with the human system. The human body contains cannabinoid receptors and endogenous compounds in virtually every tissue. The primary cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2. CB1 relates to the nervous system, mood, and neuroprotection. Alternatively, inflammation and immune functioning are mostly under CB2’s domain. There is a lot of crossover between these two.

CBD and CBG each interact with these cannabinoid receptors, and other receptors throughout the body and mind, to bring about a host of beneficial effects. Ultimately, CB1 and CB2 activity help to regulate pain, sleep, inflammation, energy, mood, and appetite. The entire network containing cannabinoid receptors and endogenous compounds is known as the endocannabinoid system.

CBG Supplements vs CBD Comparison

THC is a controversial topic, so we won’t be discussing its benefits here in this article. Instead, we will be focusing on the activity of CBD and CBG. CBD has already been branded as a product that is effective in the treatment of epilepsy. We cannot claim that our products will cure any symptoms of this condition, but prescription CBD products containing broad-spectrum cannabinoid extracts are available in the global market. Beyond this condition, there is a growing body of research, indicating that CBD and CBG have many other health applications. 

CBG interacts with several cannabinoid, and non-cannabinoid receptors in the body. It also inhibits specified enzymes throughout our system.

CBG Supplements Actions:

  • CB1 Receptor: Mild Antagonist 
  • CB2 Receptor: Agonist 
  • 5HT1a Receptor: Antagonist
  • Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptor: Agonist
  • COX 1/2 Enzyme: Inhibitor

CB1 receptors are integral in the management of pain. CB2 receptors regulate many aspects of immune functioning. 5HT1a receptors help to monitor levels of serotonin while influencing memory and learning. Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors help manage pain, mood disorders, and regulate blood pressure. Inhibition of the COX 1/2 enzyme can help to manage gut issues and inflammation.

Putting all of these details together potentially links the CBG oil benefits to pain management, mood balance, clarity of mind, regulated blood pressure, digestive health, and anti-inflammation. We are not making claims that CBG does provide these benefits! We are discussing all of the science that is backing up the hype cannabigerol is receiving in the wellness industry. 

CBD has also been implicated in many of these actions, but the CBG benefits utilize different pathways to approach the same issues. Subjective reports indicate that CBG supplements are a more effective vehicle to relieve tension and strain in the body, while CBD supplements may be a better choice for mood-boosting. The specific applications of these compounds in disease treatments will undoubtedly be unique from one another. However, we cannot determine these applications until they are investigated via rigorous scientific study.

Research is currently being conducted on CBG’s role in treating inflammatory bowel disease, neurological disorders, cancer, and glaucoma. While the results look positive, there has not been a definitive statement made about cannabigerol’s ability to treat these conditions. Finally, cannabigerol is showing potential as an active antibacterial agent. If CBG is proven to be an antibacterial supplement, it could help reduce the problematic side effects experienced by chronic users of antibiotics. We say this over and over, but we always encourage our readers to follow up on the scientific research provided in the hyperlinks of our articles. If this product, or the science behind it, sparks your interest, have at it! Do some digging, learn the facts, and spread the knowledge of cannabinoid therapeutics. You can always begin by reading the wealth of knowledge contained in our CBD Articles.

The Next Big Discovery in Cannabinoid Science

We know that CBG is the next step in cannabinoid supplementation. Even though cannabigerol was discovered in 1964, it has just recently reached public awareness, and the excitement is real. We have quickly made CBG oil supplements available to our clients and expect it to be one of the top picks for many years to come. However, the truth is that there will be more essential discoveries in cannabinoid science on the way.

There are over 100 cannabinoid compounds that have been discovered in cannabis hemp. Aside from these cannabinoid compounds, there are over 400 total hemp nutrients, many of which have scientifically proven health benefits. The future of cannabinoid products, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive, will rely on tailor-made extracts for any situation. 

As cannabis legislation spreads throughout the world, medical practitioners and researchers will be able to explore the endless ratios of cannabis compounds and their use in health and disease management. It’s an exciting time for plant medicine, and with our educational content, you’ll have a front-row seat to witness the revolutionary changes that are happening in the global health industry.

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