Vaping Health Risks

Dangerous Ingredients Lead To Vaping Health Risks

It is all over the news. An outbreak of adverse vaping health risks and effects has hit the United States. Several individuals have been hospitalised, and some groups are calling for the ban of vaporisation products.

However, those with a discerning eye have decided to examine the situation a little closer. It does not seem to be the general health risks of vaping that are impacting consumers, but the vaping health risks of consuming dangerous ingredients. In fact, clean CBD vape pens are being researched for their potential in treating lung complications, as opposed to causing them.

Vape health concerns have been around since vaporisation products first became mainstream. However, testimonial reports of people who switched from heavy smoking to vape products indicate feeling as though they could breathe easier and felt subjectively “healthier.” Dry herb tools that pass heat through plant matter and give out vapour have also not been linked to adverse effects. It wasn’t until a recent wave of vape oils entered the market that these health issues began. 

Vape Pen Health Risks

It seems quite contradictory that a UK laboratory would pour £1.5 million into the research on the health benefits of CBD oil pens if these devices were causing lung disease. In reality, it does not seem to be the vaporisation of these beneficial plant compounds that is causing the problem. The fast-paced research that has been conducted in the US due to new health concerns has determined two significant factors that contribute to the recent hospitalisations: Vitamin E and bootleg cartridges.

We want to be clear. We are not saying that these factors are the cause; they are just likely candidates. Our vaporisation products have never received feedback about negative consequences. They deliver pure CBD with a fast onset and are convenient to use. Most importantly, we track each ingredient back to their source. 

Our cannabidiol e-liquids contain CBD and a PG/VG ratio of 70/30. Both vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) have a track record of relative safety in the body. This preparation has been utilised since the early 2000’s without reports of hospitalisations.

Within the last month, we have seen a large number of incidences of vaping health concerns in the US. Here in the UK, we have not received reports of these hospitalisations. Reasoning shows us that there must be specific contaminants that have reached vapour consumers in the United States, but not other parts of the world.

Vitamin E as a Vaporisation Additive

In New York, where over 30 cases of vaping related health issues have surfaced, almost every formula that was tested contained Vitamin E acetate. As we know, vitamin E is a natural part of the human diet and has a safe record in ingestion/topical use. This does not imply that it can be safely inhaled through vaporisation. The properties of vaporised Vitamin E may be creating these dangerous disorders.

We are happy to clarify that our products do not contain Vitamin E or any extra additives that would raise concern. Cannabis and CBD has a much safer history of inhalation and vaporisation then tobacco products, and as such we are content to offer items for this administration method. Our awareness of the positive health studies being conducted on CBD vaporisation also allows us to stand firm in the understanding that these products can improve the quality of life.

Dangerous Bootleg Vape Cartridges

Cartridges containing oils that can be easily installed on vaporisation pens have become very popular around the world. These products can contain CBD, THC, nicotine, and well, just about anything that will mix with the oil base. In Hanford California, where a minimum of nine patients have been taken in for vaping related issues, there is one common thread between each case: black-market cartridges. 

Of all of these California patients who have been taken in due to their vaping habits, every one of them bought their product from friends, strangers, or pop-up shops. These pop-up shops do not advertise using common channels but instead, rely on word of mouth to sell their items. Additionally, they will change locations frequently to avoid the attention of law-makers. None of the cannabis users experiencing these health issues purchased their CBD or THC containing products from licensed dispensaries.

These details are problematic, as unlabelled THC vape cartridges are widespread in the black markets of several countries. They are convenient, easy to transport, and are often associated with strong potency. Unfortunately, the black-market nature of these items leaves them well out of the reach of transparency or regulation. The world needs legalised cannabis use, both recreational and medicinal. With governmental support of these beneficial plants, we can guarantee that consumers safely receive their therapeutic and recreational benefits.

At, CBD Guru, we do not sell vaporisation cartridges. Instead, we offer bottles of our proprietary CBD E-liquid blend that can be used in personalised devices. We are wary of the ingredients used to create cartridges, the components of their shells, and we want to be able to test each of our products for safety and potency. 

Our most recent batch of CBD vape liquids was tested in July of this year (2019), leaving no questions unanswered. You can find the results here. This company was founded with health in mind, and we do not cut corners when it comes to increasing the quality of life for our customers. We understand that ingesting or inhaling products is a delicate matter, so we track our cannabidiol back to the farm where the precious hemp plants were grown. We utilise high-grade oil bases in our vaping products and guarantee that there are no unnecessary extra ingredients.

Keep in mind that we want our customers to remain as agile as our staff is when it comes to researching the health benefits of CBD delivery systems. While the information we have reported is the most relevant at this time, we may discover new details that apply to vaporisation products. Stay aware and in-charge of your own health by conducting research and spreading the education to friends/family.
For the CBD and the cannabis markets to thrive, we need to display transparency, compliance, and safety. At CBD Guru, we provide all three by showing our lab test results. This transparency ensures that our products contain 0% THC, and do not include any extraneous solvents, chemicals, or pesticides. We service thousands of individual customers and hundreds of white label/wholesale partners. If you are looking for the best lab-tested cannabidiol products, feel free to reach out today

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