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Demand for CBD Beauty Products Is On the Rise

Cannabis legalisation is spreading across the globe! And along with these big legislative wins for hemp, comes the rise of CBD Beauty products.

CBD, our favourite organic, natural compound, is available in a myriad of products. From oils to snacks, and vape juices to beverages – there seems to be an endless variety of ways to enjoy cannabidiol.

But what are the customers saying? What is most popular among the salt-of-the-earth consumers who are spending their hard-earned money on CBD?

Well, recently, the trends have shown us one thing ~ CBD beauty products are hot-ticket items that people just can’t seem to go without.

CBD Beauty Products Statistics

In 2019, the Global CBD Skin Care market raked in a massive $736.6 million USD (that’s £593.6 million). This is not a typo. This market is enormous – and it’s growing. By 2026, this value is anticipated to hit $3.48 billion USD (£2.8 billion).

Customers are raving about CBD topical products in every corner of the world. The fascinating part about this? This success indicates that these products work. They work so well, in fact, that even products bought from inferior brands could create a noticeable experience.

However, that doesn’t mean that all CBD hemp skincare products will perform equally. Read on to learn how to identify the best CBD that you can use to nurture your skin.

Finding The Best CBD Beauty Products

How do you discover the best CBD beauty brands? Can we rely only on product descriptions and the written content found on a company’s website? Much to the chagrin of our company writers, the answer is a simple “no.”

We put in hard work to craft the most informative and innovative online CBD content. Still, we would never dare to offer our popular cannabidiol products if they weren’t thoroughly investigated by third party laboratory facilities. If you can’t find the lab test results for any product or brand that has caught your attention, it’s best to pass and head over to a verified vendor – for safety’s sake.

Luckily, the lab testing done on CBD Guru products provides precise results

CBD Guru items are non-psychoactive, contain 0% THC concentrations, and feature potent levels of CBD and, at times, minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBN, etc.)

None of these items contain pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, or chemical adulterants!

See for yourself! Simply click here, and review our certified lab test results at your leisure. Every batch is tested to ensure correct product consistency, meaning that every product contains the exact quantities of CBD described on the labels.

So what do these results mean for you, the user of these products? These clear lab tests provide peace of mind and complete confidence in the contents of your purchase. There are no harmful ingredients in these items, only the most potent, organic cannabinoid compounds that you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

We are proud to offer our own range of CBD skincare items (including our famous CBD Balms, Massage Oils, and Pink Clay Face Mask), but we are also thrilled with our upcoming partnership with Ella’s Essential’s CBD Beauty Brand. These items are the cream of the crop, providing a variety of options for facial care, including day creams, night creams, eye care, and more!

CBD Skin Care Benefits ~ What Does The Science Say?

The Brightfield Group, who are leading experts in “consumer insights and market intelligence for emerging industries,” stated that CBD is the “next hot, functional beauty ingredient.” The potency of this cannabinoid compound, and its current popularity, have led these consumer insight experts to believe that cannabidiol could leave an impact on the beauty industry that rivals shea butter, aloe, and collagen.

But what does the latest peer-reviewed research say about this marvellous compound? Let’s dive right into the results.

CBD is a phytocannabinoid, meaning that it is a plant-based compound that interacts with the biological endocannabinoid system. This system is found in many forms of life, including humans, mammals, and a variety of vertebrates and invertebrates. Its primary function? To maintain balance and homeostasis throughout various physiological systems (including the brain and nervous system).

CBD, directly and indirectly, interacts with a variety of receptors in the human body. These receptors include cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) along with 5HT serotonin, PPAR genetic, and TRP vanilloid pain receptors. While the FSA and related UK authorities still haven’t passed a verdict on the relationship between CBD and skincare, we can still discuss the influences of various receptor activities on skin health.

For the following skin conditions, we will be referencing an extensive study performed by Tamás Bíró and their associates Balázs I. Tóth, György Haskó, Ralf Paus, and Pál Pacher.

Dry skin ~ The activation of CB2 receptors is indicated in the alleviation of dry skin conditions.

Acne ~ The modulation of CB2 activity may help alleviate acne.

Inflammation ~ Increasing activity at both CB1 and CB2 receptor sites may help with skin inflammation.

Dry skin, inflammation, and acne are intimately related to skin ageing. The management of these phenomena could potentially act as an impressive way to reduce signs of ageing.

Another study, conducted by Río CD (and associates Millán E., García V., Appendino G., DeMesa J., and Muñoz E.) concluded that “the endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a relevant role in healthy and diseased skin.” Their report continued by saying that the modulation of specific endocannabinoid targets “seems critical to provide better chances of therapeutic success,” when managing skincare.

While none of this information is meant to act as a guideline for medical treatment, professional or otherwise, it does indicate that there is a vast amount of data examining the relationship between plant cannabinoids and the skin. Afterall, endocannabinoid receptors are found in nearly every tissue of the body!

High-Quality CBD Skin Care Products for Every Body

As always, we are waiting patiently to hear the verdict on CBD use that will be announced by UK authorities at an unspecified date in the future. Until then, if you are curious about the truth behind CBD skincare, we recommend that you purchase one of our incredibly potent, pure, and lab-tested products to discover the results for yourself.

Please note that we have much more than just beauty items in stock! CBD Guru is your number one online marketplace for UK CBD Oils, Vape Juices, Gummies, and beyond. If you have any questions about our service or products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff, or investigate our educational resources.

Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay stocked with the finest CBD Guru products. We have everything you need to maintain an ideal holistic lifestyle, but it’s up to you to reach out to secure your own happiness and wellness. Don’t miss out! Place your order today.

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