Introducing the Best Way to Absorb CBD Oil

Introducing the Best Way to Absorb CBD Oil: Combine With Fatty Foods

Introducing the Best Way to Absorb CBD Oil:
It turns out the munchies might not be such a bad thing.

When we eat food with a high-fat content (let’s dream about fries, burgers, and pizza for a moment) the body can absorb more all-natural, wellness-approved CBD.

Now, we’re not in a haze from taking our premium cannabinoid products. We guarantee our items are THC free, after all. The truth is, this information comes to us from credited scientific studies.

A Breakfast Burrito and Cannabis Combo

This breakfast combination sounds like the fast-food order of a life-time. Luckily for us, a study conducted on epilepsy patients gave participants an 850 calorie burrito containing 50% fat right before they took cannabidiol. It turns out that this meal led to an increase in the CBD oil absorption rate by 14 times! All this potentiality is sure to increase the many CBD oil benefits.

Cannabidiol companies are hard at work, developing the perfect delivery technology to elevate CBD levels. They’ve tried nano-emulsifications, broad-spectrum products, CBD isolates and more. But could the final choice come down to a decision between Nano-tech and Nando’s fries? We’re hoping that with this new information we can get an endorsement from Nando’s, by the way, or at least a few premium take away samples. But actually, we may be having a good laugh over the fact that fast food could elevate levels of our favourite natural compound, but it is still true that we take CBD to improve our health and happiness.

Health Matters

Fatty foods have gotten a bad name over the last century. Yet, most of us now know that fats have a natural place in a healthy diet. Fats provide lots of energy and help to maintain our physical health.

Plus, the right fats are crucial to the functioning of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS contains cannabinoid receptors and endogenous compounds known as endocannabinoids. These elements appear all over the body and help to regulate many physical and mental processes. The ECS responds to cannabinoids like CBD and CBG.

As this study shows, fats contribute to the best CBD absorption ratio we have seen to date. But, even if you do not take any plant-derived cannabinoids, eating omega fatty acids will help to balance the activity of the endocannabinoid system. Omega fats are the precursors to the endogenous cannabinoids AEA and 2-AG. These powerful endocannabinoids help to regulate our nervous and immune systems while balancing mood and pain perception.

Providing the body with the nutrients to produce these endocannabinoids is vital. CBD’s many benefits are well linked to the activity of AEA. CBD inhibits the FAAH enzyme. This enzyme handles breaking down endogenous AEA. With decreased FAAH activity, circulating AEA soars as it spreads benefits throughout the entire system! Eating these healthy fats will help to increase the functioning of the ECS and to boost the effects of CBD.

What we’re getting at is, if you want to get the most out of your CBD product, reach for a handful of healthy fatty foods, such as walnuts. An important note here is that you want to eat the fatty foods first, and then take your CBD within a few minutes.

While all the cannabidiol delivery technologies seem to work well, the results do not compare to this fatty food study. Take advantage of this information and support your cannabinoid regimen with healthy fats and delicious food.

Applying This Information to CBD Guru Products

We wish that we could ship off a bag of fries with every order of CBD, but they wouldn’t be much good once they arrived. But, some premium walnuts would still be fresh when they arrived at your door 😉. We don’t see our company venturing off into the food industry for some time. Instead, we have formulated our CBD products while honouring their affinity for fat.

Placing CBD in a carrier oil allows the body to use it to great effect. For our carrier, we have chosen to use MCT oil. MCT oil is a refined variation of coconut oil. Both of these substances tout impressive benefits for human health and wellness. MCT oil and CBD oil actually share a few of the same properties. Taking CBD in combination with other products, addressing similar symptoms, will create a more robust and effective treatment.

Our on-staff pharmacist helped develop all our products, from CBD to CBG. Our cannabinoid compounds are all extracted from top-shelf hemp grown in the hills of Colorado. The organic farmers who cultivate our hemp send the plant material to GMP certified facilities that extract our food-grade CBD and produce each item. All these products are tested for purity, potency, and must display 0% THC levels before they are approved for sale.

You can rest assured that the CBD Guru products we offer are pure and effective. Since we are providing a dietary supplement aimed at boosting the wellness of our clients, we never cut corners when it comes to quality. As always, we will have exciting news coming up and fresh articles rolling out every week, so stay current on our CBD articles while shopping for your favourite CBD products.

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