Is CBD Oil legal in the UK

Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

The legal status of recreational cannabis has a lot of people scratching their heads and asking
Is CBD Oil legal in the UK?

The short answer is yes.

CBD, which is not derived from the common recreational plant marijuana, is free for sale, purchase, and consumption in the UK. However, we realise that you may still have some questions regarding CBD oil legality. So, let’s take a closer look at the laws that make CBD oil legal.

What Makes CBD Oil Legal?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an organic compound that is extracted from industrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is a specific variety of cannabis.

The name cannabis is typically associated with the intoxicating properties of common recreational cannabis, often called marijuana.

However, hemp does NOT contain any THC, the compound that creates a buzz. Instead, this gentle plant contains large amounts of CBD.

Hemp has a variety of critical applications, ranging from environmental, textile, and medicinal uses. Although it is a member of the cannabis plant species, it is not regulated in the same way as its THC containing relatives.

In fact, it is legal to cultivate hemp in the UK, so long as the hemp in question contains under 0.2% THC by dry weight. If the hemp in question contains over 0.2% THC, it is considered a regulated cannabis plant in the eyes of the law.

CBD oils must follow the same guidelines as industrial hemp to be considered legal in the UK. All products must be lab tested for THC content before sale.

Our CBD Guru products, including the broad-spectrum items, proudly boast 0% THC lab results. This means there will be no legal repercussions for purchasing our products, and you will never experience a “high” from using them.

CBD Oil and Driving: UK Restrictions

A common question we receive involves driving with CBD. Many customers are curious if it is legal to drive after CBD consumption, and also whether it is safe to carry CBD items in your car. CBD can be consumed without creating an intoxicating effect. As such it is perfectly legal to drive after taking CBD. You will never be asked if you have been consuming CBD if you are pulled over when driving.

Driving with CBD products in your car is also perfectly legal. Many individuals are concerned about travelling with CBD, but unless you are flying or making an international trip, there shouldn’t be an issue.

We covered this topic in a previous article, but the short version is to keep a receipt for your legal product ready in the off-chance that an official finds CBD in your vehicle.

FSA CBD Statements

Recently, the FSA made an unofficial statement, expressing an interest in classifying CBD as a novel food. This announcement that occurred in early 2019 has still not been acted upon.

Essentially, the FSA is claiming that CBD is a new health supplement additive that they wish to study for its benefits and safety.

Luckily, there is already a wealth of global research that has been conducted on CBD that has proven the compound’s benefits and shed light on the minimal CBD oil side effects. This information indicates that there are still no proven side-effects and that CBD is a powerful antioxidant with many healing and health-boosting properties.

Shortly after the FSA made their announcement, the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) also announced their opinion on CBD. Although this has not been voted upon, a letter from the UN Secretary-General clearly stated that CBD products containing under 0.2% THC should be freely available for purchase and sale.

We are hopeful that this announcement, and the global attention that CBD is receiving, will allow the FSA to encourage the sale of cannabidiol without needing to be first studied as a novel food supplement. Only time will tell, so stay informed by reading our latest educational content regarding the status of CBD!

CBD Guru Offers Legal Lab-Tested CBD Products

All of our CBD is lab-tested to guarantee a 0% THC content. This means that you can legally purchase our cannabidiol without a prescription.

With CBD Guru products, you will be enjoying the many health benefits that cannabis and hemp can provide while avoiding the distraction of catching a buzz.

We support green hemp cultivation practices, which eliminate pesticides and other damaging agricultural practices. The end result is that our hemp is toxin free and packed with plant nutrients that are guaranteed to energise and balance your system.

Really, cannabis should never have been made illegal. It was only outlawed in the last century due to hysteria and propaganda.

Before its recreational usage received so much bad press, it was actually a frequently prescribed medication that helped patients around the world!

Hemp especially, with its benign and non-intoxicating nature, should never be controlled. In fact, the only reason people wonder if hemp is illegal is because of its relationship with the controlled varieties of cannabis. So relax. You are free to unwind or re-energise with 100% legal CBD, today.

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