Latest Cannabis Research News

Latest Cannabis Research News

Cannabis is on the climb!

CBD is spreading like wild-fire, and the many therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis are slowly catching on around the world. Recently, we’ve discussed cannabis history, cannabinoid science, the growing market, and so much more.

Now, let’s talk turn our focus to the latest cannabis research news from around the globe.

Cannabis Research Expands in the US

In the last two years, the number of professionals who can research cannabis in the United States has increased from 350 to over 500+. How is this relevant to UK citizens? Because no matter where the information comes from, medical cannabis research sends out ripples of awareness and acceptance throughout the world.

Currently, there is bipartisan support for the research into cannabis and CBD in the US government. This support undoubtedly comes from the endless customer testimonials, compelling scientific research, and successful cannabis educational initiatives. The bottom line here? All of the experimental, political, and media support shows that cannabis can improve health and wellness.

As the demand for research grows, the demand for high-quality cannabis flower increases as well. Of course, recreational and medical facilities need to stock their storehouses, but professionals studying the cannabis plant need legal access to top-shelf cannabis, too. 

Due to the high demand, the District of Colombia sent a court order to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, demanding a plan on how they intended to provide the needed cannabis. The court gave the DEA a deadline and a word count for their response, just like some old school homework. To the delight of cannabis enthusiasts around the world, the DEA responded by saying that they were in full support of the initiative.

How much support do they want to show? Well, they will be facilitating the growth of 3.2 million grams of pot will by 2020. All of this cannabis will be legally cultivated for the good of the people. It may not go straight into the hands of medical patients, but it will help professionals learn precisely how to treat their clients with this power plant. We’ll be watching this research closely so that we can keep you up-to-date via our regularly updated CBD blog.

Some of the most significant discoveries in cannabis have occurred within legal research facilities in the US. However, they don’t have a monopoly on cannabinoid discoveries. The therapeutic value of CBD was first solidified in Israel. These same Israeli labs also identified the first endogenous cannabinoid compound. Closer to home, the UK’s own GW Pharmaceuticals facility created the first two prescription cannabis products Sativex and Epidolex. These pharmaceutical-grade cannabis medicines are now being prescribed in countries around the world with great clinical success.

The United Nations World Health Organisation has also made multiple statements in support of CBD distribution and cannabis research. Recently, they released a statement encouraging nations around the globe to decrease the scheduling of cannabis to allow for medical research. These are significant changes for a world where certain territories still incarcerate individuals for years, just for possessing a minor 3.2 grams of this medicinal plant. 

The State of Cannabis in Europe

Cannabis legislation is also spreading throughout Europe, mostly in the form of medical programs. However, it is projected that Europe will eventually become the largest cannabis market in the world. Many territories are examining legal cannabis options, medical prescription protocols, and, of course, there is a large black market that displays the current demand for quality flower.

In Germany, there is an established program that is providing patients with medical marijuana. Italy has been ahead of the curve for a few years now. Their medical cannabis has been available since 2013. Plus, Italian sales of “cannabis lite” or hemp flower with minimal THC, have been through the roof over the last year. The Netherlands authorities have also given the clear to expand their medical cannabis cultivation program. We all imagine that the coffee shops create an endless supply, but the truth is that these operations are on the decline. Meanwhile, the Netherlands’ medical demand has skyrocketed, leading the authorities to grant the first new medicinal cultivation license since 2003.

The Czeh’republic is embracing the medical paradigm, and Portugal just passed legislation making medicinal cannabis a reality in 2018. However, like most cannabis initiatives, Portugal’s effort has taken some time to become fully operational. Finally, France voted nearly unanimously to begin experimenting with medical cannabis policy. They will be exploring the possibilities over the next two years.

Cannabis Research Companies in the UK

It is great to take in the vast advancements that are taking off around the world. However, we do not want to ignore the progress that we are making back home in the UK. We have recently seen medical cannabis being implemented, but that’s not the end of our development. The little known truth is that we have a prestigious cannabis research institute or two of our own that are hard at work uncovering the true value of marijuana.

In Cardiff, Wales, there is a research facility investigating CBD’s potential in the treatment of various kinds of cancer. Their work is focused on the inhalation of vaporised cannabis as a treatment method. GW Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge has been investigating cannabis since 1998. This GW facility has created quite the legacy, as they are credited for producing the first cannabis prescription products. They are still active today studying the plant and raising awareness around the world. Although not in the UK, we’ll give a special shout out to the ICCI (International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute) in the Czech republic. They have proven to be another European powerhouse that is continuously engaged in cannabis research and education.
The current landscape looks excellent for the cannabis movement. CBD Guru is proud to be a part of this global effort by providing top-shelf THC-free cannabidiol products. These CBD oil benefits are helping our customers throughout the UK, and we currently supply over a hundred businesses with wholesale/white label cannabidiol. Check out our inventory, read up on the latest CBD details, and feel free to reach out to a customer service representative if you have any questions.

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