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Self-Made CBD Entrepreneur

Neil Mumby is a self-made businessman and founder of cbd-guru.co.uk

Neil Mumby

His flagship CBD Oil Wholesale enterprise turns over £1 million per year and services thousands of satisfied customers.

CBD entrepreneur, Neil, currently lives in Scunthorpe, North Linconlshire, where he began his role as the managing director of CBD Guru. His success in the hemp business has launched him from humble beginnings.

Neil started the CBD Guru initiative in his bedroom office with an £800 budget. Not only does his company now staff five individuals and serve a large number of UK citizens, but it also places a great emphasis on white label distribution.

CBD Guru now provides wholesale products to over 100 UK brands with colossal success. These brands range from small startups to major national retailers who sell CBD Guru’s premium oils at incredible prices. 

This startup was not created for the sole purpose of business success. The heart of Neil’s effort has always been focused on caring for those in need. CBD Guru steeped themselves in the details of cannabidiol manufacturing to produce premium products. They trace their items back to natural farms in Colorado and identify the seeds used in cultivation. These farms follow strict state restrictions when crafting the hemp that is used in CBD Guru’s signature formulations.

CBD Guru on-boarded an in-house pharmacist as soon as possible. This pharmacist guides the formulation of each product, even the delicious edibles. The team at CBD Guru leverages this pharmaceutical expertise when communicating with the GMP production facility that develops the premium CBD that Neil’s customers love.

The products are masterfully crafted and extracted, but this does not prevent Neil’s team from ensuring that the CBD items are rigorously tested for purity and legal compliance. CBD Guru works closely with independent labs who determine the potency of the products and clarify the absence of THC and contaminants. This level of transparency is the only way that the benefits of these vitals products can be ensured and delivered.

CBD Guru

Neil set out with determination to provide a wide variety of these pure CBD products for consumption and topical application. It was clear that everyone had a different preference when it comes to taking their cannabidiol supplement.

The options CBD Guru provides, such as gummies, isolates, broad-spectrum formulas, massage oils, and CBD vape oils, will all appeal to a variety of consumers in need. CBD Guru’s latest venture even includes a full range of CBD beauty products that are revolutionising skincare as we know it.

Today, the goal is simple. To work with passionate people, who provide the best quality products at an affordable price. Neil creates unbeatable customer service and works tirelessly to build a brand that our customers and business partners can trust. If you are interested in becoming a UK private label partner or wish to receive insight into the CBD market, you won’t find a more down to earth and active CBD entrepreneur than Neil Mumby.

The hemp revolution is changing lives, and CBD Guru is paving the way to success. This project began as an idea, came to life with action, and became a movement that is benefiting citizens in the UK, and supporting businesses around the world.

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