Terpenes In Cannabis

Terpenes In Cannabis – A List of Terpene Compounds and Their Vital Functions

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Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that carry the beautiful scents of the plant world. From the smell of orange zest to a field of pine trees, all of these smells are carried by terpenoid compounds. Each of these terpenes has a unique impact on the body and mind. CBD products really come to life when combined with the potency of mother nature’s essential oils.

In this article, we’ll discuss the major terpenes in cannabis and hemp. After a brief rundown, we’ll present a list of terpene compounds. This list will contain the significant functions of several terpene compounds, their vaporization points, and the plants they are commonly found in.

Terpenes in Cannabis

The terpenes in cannabis are powerful aromatic and functional compounds. Cannabis creates quite a variety of different compounds and terpene ratios which are responsible for the distinct smells of individual strains. Certain strains soothe the senses by presenting citrus or berry tones. But every now and then you’ll encounter a scent that’s a little more pungent. Sour Diesel had to get its name from somewhere, right? The signature aroma of cannabis, reminiscent of a musky sage, comes from the terpene myrcene. Obviously, there is a lot of variation, but the scent of cannabis is always recognizable.

The fact that the cannabis plant can create floral tones or citrus smells is the first indication that they contain the same terpene compounds as other plants. Many plants develop the same terpenes but in different ratios. This mixture of terpenes helps to create the unique scents and physiological benefits of a specific plant variety. Terpenes essential oils are an effective way to enjoy the therapeutic gifts that nature has to offer.

The terpenes in cannabis provide a specific texture to the experience of both hemp or cannabis products. Certain terpene compounds, such as linalool which is found in cannabis and lavender, are well known for carrying a sedative effect along with other subtle changes in perception. With a variety of these terpenes at work when you take a full spectrum product, it creates positive shifts in awareness and eases the body. Once you factor in the cannabinoid ratios in each product or strain, you can begin to see how individual products carry unique attributes while still maintaining the standard health benefits of hemp.

List of Terpene Compounds

The following list will cover the most popular terpenes for sale. Not all products describe what terpenes are found in their contents. Typically, a few of these common terpene compounds will be present in your hemp product or dry herb.

  1. Myrcene
    Effects: Relaxing/Modulates Psychoactivity and Pain
    Scent: Herbal and Musky. Myrcene gives cannabis its signature smell.

Vaporization: 168°C
Found In: Mango – Thyme – Citrus

  1. Linalool

Effects: Sedating and Stress Relieving

Scent: Floral

Vaporization: 198°C

Found In: Lavender – Birch

  1. Humulene

Effects: Modulates Appetite and Inflammation

Scent: Earthy

Vaporization: 198°C

Found In: Sage – Hops

  1. Caryophyllene

Effects: Neuroprotective

Scent: Peppery and Spicy

Vaporization: 160°C

Found In: Cloves – Hops – Oregano

5. Limonene

Effects: Mood Elevation and Stress Relief

Scent: Citrus

Vaporization: 176°C

Found In: Peppermint – Citrus

Let’s take a look at each of the terpene attributes mentioned in the list.

The effects of terpene-containing products are very subjective. They are subtle, yet their healing benefits and psychological impact have been documented by modern research. The individual health benefits of each terpene work together with the other plant compounds present in hemp. Cutting edge medical professionals are able to select a useful product for specific situations by referencing the terpene content.

Vaporization can be a novel way to access specific terpenes. This technique would apply to terpene resin, dry herb, and other vaporization friendly products containing terpenes. Most vaporization rigs allow you to select the temperature at which you are heating the product to produce vapor. Keeping the temperature around 160°C would vaporize caryophyllene creating a spicy taste and providing neuroprotective benefits. Tuning the temperature up to 200°C would allow for a more full-bodied flavor by heating most of the terpenes in your product. Higher temperatures can access more stress relieving and relaxing effects. CBD and THC begin evaporating around 160°C so you won’t miss out on vital cannabinoids by keeping the heat low.

These terpenes express themselves in a wide variety of plant life. Nature’s ingenious design can really be seen in its replicable scents, flavors, and healing powers. Plant life replicates these similar building blocks and uses them to create an endless display of diversification. Applying a simple terpenes definition such as “terpenes are plant compounds,” ignores some of the beauty of these natural compounds. When you walk into a forest, or a field or aromatic plants, you are inhaling terpene compounds that are present in forest aerosols. Aerosols are tiny bits of solid and liquid matter that are present in the air. Each breath brings in millions of these aerosol particles. Terpene saturated forest aerosols create a positive impact on the mind and body. This is one of the many reasons that spending time in nature is so powerful. Terpenes help us to understand why fresh produce and herbs are so important. They teach us to enjoy time outdoors, and hopefully, they help ignite us with a passion for the natural world.

Use this guide well! Enjoy playing around with vaporization temperatures and keeping look for a broader understanding of the compounds in the hemp products you love. The terpenes in cannabis are many and varied. They are gently therapeutic and bring a sense of ease to our daily life! If you are interested in the many types of hemp nutrients and which CBD extracts contain these valuable compounds we recommend reading over our CBD Beginner’s Guide.

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