Latest Medical Cannabis UK News

The Latest Medical Cannabis UK News

So whats the latest medical cannabis UK news? Last month, in February of 2019, the United Kingdom received their first shipment of medical cannabis! Shipped straight from the Netherlands, this medicine will offer relief for patients suffering due to chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and drug-resistant epilepsy among other disorders.

This is an exciting time in history, as cannabis and hemp medicines are emerging from a century-long prohibition. This prohibition was not localised to the UK. In fact, it is has been a global phenomenon that has created a stigma around one of the most ancient therapeutic plants.

Medical Cannabis UK Law

In 1998, the British government made a bold move by funding Dr. Geoffrey Guy’s initiative to investigate the medical potential of cannabis. Initially, this work supported the research behind CBD’s medical benefits. By 2010, Dr. Guy’s collaborative released Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine cleared for use in the U.K. Fast forward to 2018, and they released a CBD product known as Epidolex which is now in use throughout the United Kingdom.

This research and these incredible products are huge wins for the cannabis movement. However, Epidolex UK usage is not enough to treat all patients. Full spectrum cannabis products, including cannabis flower, can produce results that these pharmaceutical products are not capable of. Luckily, medicinal cannabis has been reduced to a schedule 2 status of the 2001 Misuse of Drugs Regulations.

The schedule 2 cannabis status, which went into effect on November 1st, 2018, allows specialised doctors to prescribe medical cannabis. Unfortunately, cannabis is still seen as a last resort treatment method, only being used when other medicines do not work. We hope that these medicines, with an incredible safety profile and a myriad of benefits, will eventually be the first choice when healing our citizens.

The Reason Behind The Medical Cannabis UK 2018 Rescheduling

Cannabis has been allowed for medicine due to the recent press surrounding two young boys fighting for their lives against treatment-resistant epilepsy. Their names are Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley. Both of their parents had to fight U.K. legalisation to obtain the medicine that their children needed, THC containing cannabis products. Billy Caldwell’s mother, Charlotte Caldwell, bluntly states that she had to fight with the Home Office to save her son’s life. She obtained cannabis medicine in Toronto Canada, only to have immigration confiscate the cure upon her re-entry to the U.K.

The confiscation wasn’t as cold you may think. Charlotte’s first-hand account details how one of the immigration officers began crying when he told Charlotte that she could not take the medicine home. He explained that he was a father as well and would be doing the exact same for his child if needed. But regardless, the officers had to follow procedure.

Billy went back into a potentially fatal condition experiencing seizures back-to-back. Charlotte’s representative’s continuously communicated with the Home Office. She remained at the hospital with her son until they finally received news that Billy would be receiving his life-saving medicine, paving the way for medical cannabis legalisation.

This is the reality. Cannabis laws are followed, even when it causes injury to children. Charlotte Caldwell describes this as child abuse. The FSA’s attempts to temporarily remove CBD from the free market, although not successful, are just as dangerous. Over 300,000+ individuals make use of cannabidiol every day, and their lives are improving because of it. The UN even released a statement that hemp extracts with inactive levels of CBD should be sold without restriction.

We want to make it clear, that we are not leveraging Billy Caldwell’s story to create sales. His mother clearly stated that CBD was not the solution to her child’s disorder. Sharing this story allows awareness to be raised about the importance of cannabis medicine. Cannabis saves lives, and we need the people to be aware of this fact so that we can compassionately bring in a new era of legal cannabis for those in need.

Cannabis and CBD Oil UK

While cannabis still remains challenging to obtain, Sally Davies, the Chief Medical Officer of England, has stated that we need more research to be conducted before lifting the restrictions surrounding this medicine. But the evidence is already available. Click here, to learn about the myriad of scientifically proven medicinal cannabis studies. This article discusses the major historical studies surrounding cannabis’ health benefits. For decades, researches have been studying cannabis’ potential to reduce tumor size, assist with chemotherapy side effects, benefit AIDs patients with no side effects, treat PTSD, and prevent seizures.

We are not making claims about cannabis efficacy, merely pointing out the research has been done. We are not claiming that our products are able to treat these conditions. However, CBD on its own its an incredibly useful tool to boost health, happiness, and wellness while raising our natural defences. Therapeutic targeting of the endocannabinoid system, our internal network that utilises hemp extractions of any kind, is a valuable therapeutic target capable of handling a host of disorders. While cannabis is hard at work providing many benefits, it is also delivering invaluable neuroprotective antioxidants. Unlike the harsh side effects of many common substances, cannabis can leave the participant feeling happy and whole.
CBD Guru is dedicated to providing you the highest quality CBD with a drop of education on the side. A small amount of cannabis education can make a difference. When everyone is informed, we are less likely to allow political agendas to control our access to valuable medicine. Research these topics, share this information with friends and do everything you can to maintain a healthy body and a sharp mind.

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  1. The whole question regarding the issue of licenses for the cultivation of cannabis needs to be investigated. British hemp farmers who were previously issued with licenses to grow what is commonly referred to as “industrial hemp”, defined by its extremely low levels of THC, to produce fibre and rope, had their licenses revoked, when they decided to turn their crop into CBD oil. The British government fell over backwards to facilitate the aspirations of GW Pharmaceuticals, and it is to their detriment that they have not provided British hemp farmers with the support that they so desperately need, in order to participate in what is already, a multi-billion industry.

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