Secure CBD Payment Processing

Secure CBD Payment Processing

Why we chose to use a specific & secure CBD payment processor

It’s official. Cannabidiol is now a household staple. The global value of this market is continuously growing. Everyone from Grandma to the household pet seems to be enjoying CBD, and the FSA has fully embraced the sale of this stellar nutraceutical.

Still, the hemp market is widely unregulated, resulting in unique challenges impacting the sale and distribution of this organic plant compound. Thankfully, our carefully selected secure CBD payment processor, Viva Wallet, ensures that you can finalise any cannabidiol related transactions with total peace of mind.

Secure CBD Oil Payment Processing ~ A High-Risk Sector

Due to the ever-changing landscape surrounding cannabis and hemp products, the CBD industry is considered a high-risk sector. Cannabidiol is legal for sale in the UK. In reality, thousands of UK citizens are already enjoying CBD products every day. 

Regardless, the unregulated market and the close association between hemp and cannabis has led specific secure payment processors to choose not to participate in the legal hemp market. PayPal and Stripe, for example, have opted not to sponsor secure CBD related payments for these reasons.

It is essential to keep in mind that the stigma surrounding cannabidiol is shifting quickly. CBD products are freely available in the UK, and one of the leading CBD research facilities in the world, GW Pharmaceuticals, is located in Cambridge. Cannabidiol is recognised as a novel food additive, and the FSA has announced a recommended maximum daily allowance of 70mg of CBD.
These products are being embraced with open arms, and the trends clearly show that cannabidiol has already been fully integrated into the global wellness industry.

Safe and Effective CBD Merchant Processing

We have chosen Viva Wallet to act as our secure CBD payment processing and credit card debit service provider due to their incredible track record for security and ease of use. Viva Wallet allows for quick payment through an intuitive and straightforward checkout interface. The use of Viva Wallet will not result in additional fees.

All payments are secure and are covered by the applicable card provider’s security programs. Viva Wallet provides 24/7 service across Europe and delivers payments immediately. With these seamless transactions, we can provide superior order processing and expedited delivery times. 

Viva Wallet is one of the top payment processors for popular e-commerce websites such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and CS-Cart 4. Day in and day out, distributors and consumers alike rely on this premium payment service provider to handle their transactions in a professional, and secure manner.

The CBD Boom ~ Promising Growth, Potent Nutraceuticals

CBD’s popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling at all. In fact, projections are now anticipating that global sales for cannabidiol wellness products could well reach £7.16 billion by 2026

This industry is unique, however. Distributors need to know how to protect customers while navigating the current high-risk landscape. Not all CBD manufacturers are the same, and it is essential to track down businesses with the right intentions and the proper experience.

Certain CBD distributors may still be offering PayPal processing. The truth is, these companies are flying under the radar and operating in an uncomfortable grey area. This grey area can result in the freezing of funds and an inability to function effectively during the aftermath.

Payment processors are not all made equal, either. It is vital to select a service provider with a long track record of safe transactions and the proper support from legitimate enterprises.

Viva Wallet, for example, has a powerful presence across seventeen countries, principal membership relations with Visa and Mastercard, and they leverage the security and stability of Microsoft Azure technology to manage their immediate payment delivery.

CBD Card Processing

High-Risk Payment Processors

Companies who take on high-risk payment processing are not less secure than processors who will refuse high-risk endeavours. Quite the contrary, high-risk processors utilise increased security and industry navigation skills to ensure that their partnerships in risky sectors will pay off.

These processors primarily risk the loss of clients due to changing legislation or the illegitimacy of the business they chose to host. At CBD Guru, we can use our third-party lab test results, top-tier customer reviews, and customer testimonials to back our products’ compliance. As long as cannabidiol remains available for sale in the UK, we will be working with top-tier payment processors such as Viva Wallet to deliver stable, reliable access to secure CBD payment processing for our compliant products.

CBD Is Here to Stay

Even though cannabidiol was only discovered about eighty years ago, it’s safe to say that it has been in use for far longer. Hemp and cannabis have been used for celebration, wellness, and health throughout the entirety of human history. Now, these excellent herbal products have simply re-entered the scene.

As of 2020, over 11% of UK citizens ages 25-49 have used cannabidiol products. These items are widely accepted and completely non-psychoactive, meaning they will never cause a buzz. Even the FSA has made statements allowing the current state of CBD distribution, although regulatory changes in the future may impact the market.

We welcome these changes as they will undoubtedly improve customer security and optimize the favourable properties that CBD can bring to our communities. Thank you to Viva Wallet for their reliable, invaluable service and thank you to our loyal customer base, who makes all of this possible.

Enjoy our extensive catalogue, free delivery deal all sales over £75.00 (before VAT), and our first-class customer service. Order your premium CBD Guru products today. 

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