UK Cannabis Market

UK CBD Market

What Are the Projections For a UK Cannabis Industry?

The UK Cannabis black market is going strong at £2.5 billion per year. A cold fact that is just chilling out in the open. Cannabis markets do not disappear in the face of prohibition. These medicinal herbal preparations have been used for millennia at least, and have left a trail of safety and symptom relief.

Now, flash into the modern UK CBD Market. We can harness the UK CBD compounds to utilise cannabinoid medicine without psychoactive effects. The legal cannabis UK scene is built around “cannabis light” in an oil form, that is lab tested to display undetectable amounts of THC. Medical cannabis UK solutions do exist now, in response to a crisis of childhood health, but prescriptions are not encouraged, and medication is scarce.


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The CBD industry is threatening to reach pivotal levels in the UK. By 2025, it is estimated that the CBD market will be worth €1.1bn, making it equal to the entire UK herbal supplement market. That speaks to the broad spectrum of benefits that clients experience with cannabidiol products. They are willing to invest such a full demand into one robust natural product.

Talk about a come up. These amounts do not even begin to cover the industrial hemp market, including this plants value in dietary and textile industries. Hemp is not just a flowering plant with the potential to cause intoxication. Hemp allows for vital plant nutrition, sustainable textile production, and dietary supplements that will boost your quality of life.

Medical Cannabis UK Projections

The UK medical game is strong. These medications are available for epilepsy patients and patients who remain unresponsive to other treatments. This is unfortunate because patients deserve immediate access to these natural treatment methods when caring for their health. 

At best, these products produce low side effects and can be explored safely on any medical regimen. If a doctor is on board to assist during the process, all the better. Medical cannabis will only support the flourishing of natural medicine as a whole. We have seen their popularity soar in European countries where the national insurance policies are covering cannabis medications.

The UK is unlikely to create a situation where it will assist in acquiring cannabis medication unless the health issue is already quite desperate. However, the current program is already a considerable step towards legitimacy for the cannabis movement throughout Europe.

The UK medical market could hit a record €8.8 billion by 2028. If normalisation continues, we are already sitting on a citizenship that loves and supports the plant, regulation models all around us, and patients in need. This medicinal distribution could sweep the nation, allowing for effective treatment and happy policymakers.

Recreational Markets

Let’s be real, the recreational market is already running strong. But, we could all use the regulation and support of the local law enforcement to allow for legal access to cannabis flowers. By 2028 it is also projected that a legal market for cannabis in the UK could be worth €9.6 billion. Not bad for a product that is already circulating and causing no damage outside of distribution issues.

Recreational use calls for a safe alternative to the harmful black-market substances and legal options such as alcohol and tobacco. We often refer to the endocannabinoid system and its ability to promote neuroprotection. It is not just pure cannabidiol extracts that influence neuronal modulating AEA levels. Cannabis is a sustainable alternative that should be available for those who are interested in a break from alcoholic intoxication.

Industrial Hemp

The industrial hemp aspect of this market should be blowing the minds of readers around the world. Most of these readers should be enjoying at least a little CBD buzz when reading about the cannabis plant they love. Well, wherever you are, take this in.

The industrial hemp game itself will likely reach a €28.9 million value. No intoxication benefits, just the pure plant. The plant that can create paper alternatives, food supplements, plant nutrients, phytonutrients, cannabinoids, ropes, textiles, fuel, oxygen, and more. This plant is significant for the environment. Our environment.

We are also looking at products such as hempcrete, hemp filters, and more that will increase the quality of life for people looking for economical solutions. Hemp can balance a lot of our carbon production and create biodegradable products that leave a peaceful print.

Total UK Profit

Romantics aside the entire projected profit of the UK market will boom at €18.5 billion in 2028. All of this cannabis could benefit consumers, medical patients, self-medicators, medical practitioners, researchers, law-makers, and more. Peace and medicinal research are already incredible reasons to stimulate awareness. However, this large revenue number will likely snag the attention of many others.

Despite the many political or moral inclinations, there is undoubtedly 255 tonnes of cannabis that needs to be distributed. There are at least 3.6 million users who are looking to be served high-grade cannabis and cannabidiol products.

The right attitude and a good regulatory process will lead to a community that can work along with the suggestions of the WHO (World Health Organisation) of the UN.

They say that 0% THC containing CBD products should be freely distributed, and that cannabis scheduling should be reduced to allow for comprehensive research. These are easy standards to achieve that will help our community support our neighbours, the economy, and the working class.

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